Robert Silverman Poems - Family Poems
A Very Strange Love

Have you ever been loved
from all pores
and all the chackras?

It doesn't happen very often
but it did happen to me.

It occurred when I was very small
a long time ago.

She had no inhibitions
for she was mad
and I was her spark
her only flame.

It wasn't the kind of love
I would have chosen
but what could I have done
for I was ignorant of worldly ways
as I had just been born.

Did you see the Elephant Man?
He did not look very nice
But John Merrick had a good heart
as did that lover of mine.

Her name was Hedwig
and she had been sick
for a long, long time
for her monthly flow had ceased
at the birth of Bert
the father of mine.

Her features grew
without limit
her forehead misshapen
as was her chin.

But she loved me deeply
in a profound and passionate way
she brought me soup
and crushed me against her breasts
in a very scary way.

So I will always love you
baba of mine.

©Robert Silverman 2000