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Must the Treatment Be Toxic?
Quebec Doctors Take Naessens to Trial

The fact that Gaston Naessens, a Quebec microbiologist, has successfully treated AlDS and cancer sufferers with his 714-x serum, has raised the shackles of the medical establishment here; his treatment is based on a theory it finds unacceptable.

Gaston Naessens is a French-bom microbiologist living near Sherbrooke, Québec, who has developed an extremely powerful light microscope (using ultraviolet and laser beam technology) capable of extraordinary rates of magnification up to 30,000. More importantly, Naessens 'Somatoscope" can examine living tissue, unlike the standard electron microscope which kills its specimen. With a non-toxic serum he calls 714-X, Naessens has achieved complete remission: over a thousand cases of cancer and dozens of AIDS. lnstead of receiving the Nobel Prize, Mr. Naessens faces three sets of civil and criminal charges brought against him by La Corporation Professionnelle des Médecins du Québec (CMPQ), including "llegal practice of medicine", "fraud" and, most serious, "criminal negligence contributing to death." He could face heavy fines or even a prison term.

This is the story of world-wide support for Gaston Naessens among patients, doctors and allied professionals. But Naessens's case is far from unique; it is just one of at least 30 promising cancer treatments that have been systematically suppressed for the last 50 years by the medical establishment, the govemment and the drug cartels. (The specific roles of the American Cancer Society (ACS), the National Cancer lnstitute (NCI), the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the suppression of alternative treatments and persecution of their originators overwhelming. - and thoroughly documented in three recently published books. (See bibliography.)

Support for Gaston Naessens

Early on the morning of June 27, 1989, 100 supporters of Naessens demonstrated outside the Sherbrooke courthouse wih placards reading "We want Freedom of Medical Choice", "Down with Medical Power", "Justice for Naessens" and "End the Medical Monopoly". Three weeks earlier, Naessens's arrest outside his home and laboratory in Rock Forest was witnessed by an array of newspeople who had apparently been alerted beforehand. He was released on $10,000 bail after being held for 24 hours in a six-by threefoot cell under conditions he described as "the filthiest imaginable".

During the raid on the Naessens home, Sureté du Québec attempted to seize the Somatoscope but were prevented by Mme Françoise Naessens, who threatened legal action. They did, however, seize documents, including medical dossiers, accounting books and patient lists. The latter are now being used by the CPMQ in a putative attempt "to accumulate evidence against (Naessens)", although these very patients are far more likely to testify for the defence, as they have already indicated at two separate press conferences. At the first conference, eight people, abandoned as incurable by orthodox doctors, described the remission of their cancer under Naessens's treatment. Three others spoke of the successful treatment of their AlDS with the 714-X serum. Jean Hubert Eggeman was furious as he described his harassment by investigative agents of the CPMQ:

"Is this a free country? How come this kind of thing is permitted or condoned? How did these goons get access to confidential medical files? We're not living in Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany. We're in Canada. When is all this going to stop? When am I, and all the rest of us, going to win the right to be treated as we see fit?"

Crown Drops Charges

At a second hearing on July 14 the Crown dropped the first two sets of charges, returned Naessens's $10,000 bail and told him that he could continue to receive patients. A press conference held at this time brought ex-patients, colleagues and friends from all over the world to Naessens's defence. Dr. Florianne Piers of Brussels said seven of her patients had been helped by Naessens's serum. Mrs. Nur of Paris, president of the Committee to Support Gaston Naessens in France, told how Naessens had cured her melanoma after three ophthalmologists from Paris, London and San Francisco advise her to have the affected eye removed. Gerry Diamond of San Franscisco said that he was cured by Naessens for a voluntary contribution of under $1,000 after first spending $65,000 on unsuccessful orthodox cancer treatment.

Colorado biologist Walter Cliffor said he represented concerned scientists from around the world. He called Naessens a genius and outlined in great and convincing detail the hostility to new ideas, the monopoly control of vested interest and the corruption rampant in the medical/pharmaceutical/scientific communities.

Dr. Rae Brown, author of "Aids, Cancer and the Medical Establishment" described the 1956 investigafon of Naessens by the French Ministry of Health, calling it a "frame-up" that had disallowed testimony or evidence of patient improvement. "The importance of what is taking place today is an effort to inform the population at large that Naessens is a real altemative to standard medical practice. This will hopefully force the medical establishment to seriously investigate what Naessens has so brilliangy achieved". he said.

When Naessens himself, tall and dignified, rose to speak, he said, simply, that he was motivated by his wish to reduce human suftering and that "My heart would not permit me to send anyone suffering away when I knew I could help them... For if there were in this room or anywhere, a single patient whose life was extended for one, two, five or ten years due to my treatment, I would be prepared to go on the long and difficult trek I have made all over again'.

Medical Institutions Corrupted

Naessens says Canadian authorities have targeted him. A communiqué issud by Health and Welfare Canada on June 2, 1989 entitled 'Warning on 714-X, a Fraudulent Anti-Cancer Product' reads "This product carries a label that offers information to the effect that 714-X is recommended for self administrafon, a usage entailing high risk." Naessens called this a 'boldfaced lie," reasserting emphatically that the label in question clearly states: "This Product is for the Use of Doctors Only".

CMPQ president Dr. Augustin Roy considers the patient supremely unqualified to participate in the choice of his/her own therapy and dismisses all scientific support for Naessens with such statements as, "Those who come from far away lie," "all these stories are anecdotal and carry no scientific weight" and there are established government institutions to evaluate these matters".

At a recent public lecture Naessens showed slides of the life cycle of the 'somatid,' or cancer micro-organism, which he has been able to obsenre with his microscope. He reiterated that the 714-X serum is a non-toxic and non-invasive therapy aimed at reinforcing the immune system in order to bolster the patient's own natural defences against degenerative disease. He again urged the medical community to conduct a study of his treatment, which they have so far refused to do.

Those wishing to contact the Committee for the Support of Gaston Naessens may do so at 6912, rue Christophe-Colomb, Montréal, Québec, H2S 2H2; Tel.: (514)279-7570. Contributions toward the upcoming legal defence of Mr. Naessens will be greatly appreciated.


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By Robert Silverman.

Published in the Le Monde à Bicyclette Journal Autumn 1989.

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